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Andrej A. Gajić

Andrej is internationally awarded scientist, lecturer, advance diver, documentary filmmaker, ROV pilot and skydiver with academic specializations in pathology, ecology and conservation.

Principal investigator of 19 regional projects and author of more than 
70 publications.

Short biography

Andrej is widely known for his multiple engagements at National Geographic (Washington, D.C.) as a scientist, expert reviewer and lecturer and Discovery Channel (New York) as expedition leader and talent; as well as founder of Sharklab ADRIA. He is experienced in working with more than 70 elasmobranch species and his achievements were featured in more than 200 media including NatGeo, Discovery, FOX, CNN, BBC, Deutsche Welle and many more. Several Voice books for English learning published by National Geographic are based on Andrejs life.


Honorary Ambassador of the Mediterranean,
appointed by Barcelona Convention (2022)

Special Governmental Recognition
for extraordinary scientific results (2021)

EC Leadership award by National Geographic in Washington for innovative approach (2020).

Man of the Year award from the LadiesIN community
in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2019).

Marche Polytechnic University, Ancona (Italy)

Federico Clementoni


The aim of this project is to identify new biomarker for the evaluation of the health status of sharks caught in the Adriatic Sea and their susceptibility to environmental changes. To reach this objective, melanomacrophages have been used as stress biomarkers on these organisms, since they are already widely used in teleosts, amphibians and reptiles. In this study, hepatic melanomacrophages have been evaluated in four species of sharks caught in the Adriatic Sea, both from a morphological and quantitative point of view, evaluating differences among species, sexes and, where possible, between these and the reproductive period. In conclusion, it has been assessed if there was any significant correlation between melanomacrophages and age of smooth-hound males.

Let's grow up together

Master's Thesis

Our multidisciplinary team of experienced researchers is ready to provide maximum support for your career development. Thus, we are inviting you to conduct your thesis with us!

Available disciplines: histopathology, immunology, parasitology, toxicology, fisheries, ecology and conservation

Feel free to share this poster with your community and any interested persons. Thank you!

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This leaflet contains all the information regarding the internships, planned activities, trainings, expectations and fees 

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Upon the approval of your application, you will gain access to this mamterial and much more!


Contibution fee for full program
850 per month
  • 750€ after second month
  • Accomodation
  • Full field and lab work
  • Lectures and training
  • Interactive workshops


Very limited number available
0 Monthly
  • ESAIC low-income countries
  • Some exceptional casses
  • Accomodation
  • Full field and lab work
  • Lectures and training

Important info

The contribution fee goes directly to support our research and it includes: accommodation, transport between project sites (land/sea), training and lectures, interactive workshops, field and lab work, long-lasting scientific support, supervision and additional courses.

The fee does not include transportation to Albania, transfer to accommodation, health and/or travel insurance which is mandatory requirement, meals and personal expenses

Limited scholarships for low-income countries and in exceptional cases are available.

Official certificate or participation is provided upon completion, and recommendation letter

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