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I had an absolute blast and cannot wait to come back for my thesis. I don’t think I have ever learned so much in 2 months, and not just marine biology related skills. Could not have asked for better supervisors. It is an incredible learning opportunity. Andrej and Emina go above and beyond to ensure the interns are included in their day to day work…

Emilie De Loose

IMBRSea, University of Ghent (Belgium)

It has been an enriching experience that has helped me to grow professionally, to better understand the world of work. I have had the opportunity to acquire knowledge that I would not have learned otherwise and to develop my previously unknown skills in the laboratory. Thank you for making Sharklab feel like home!

Andrea Garcia Martin

IMBRSea, Spain

During our internship program, our interns conducted fishery monitoring and comprehensive examinations to assess the presence of diseases, parasites, and basic biological traits, including food preferences and reproductive patterns. Our focus centered on the rarest and most threatened species, aiming to deliver crucial data essential for their conservation efforts.

Professional practice

Expand your horizons with our diverse training opportunities, encompassing lab and field studies.

Photo Voyage

Embark on a photo voyage through the captivating moments captured during our internship program.

Master's Thesis

Embark on an intellectually stimulating journey as you delve into groundbreaking research.

Sharklab Alumni

Get to know the talented interns who are continuing the legacy of marine research and conservation.


Andrej A. GAJIĆ

Andrej Gajić is a Ph.D. researcher in veterinary medicine with M.Sc. in marine biology and conservation. He is experienced principal investigator and awarded scientist with over 70 published articles and two books. Andrej have successfully overseen and managed 21 regional research projects and lectured numerous conferences across United States and Europe. As head scientist, he had assignments for National Geographic and Discovery Channel. His research has been featured in over 300 media outlets, including Nat Geo, FOX, Discovery, Warner Bros., BBC, CNN affiliates, Arte, and many others. Despite growing up in a war-torn country, Andrej always dreamed of working with sharks. Today, his remarkable life has inspired several books published by National Geographic.

2022     Ambassador of the Mediterranean  
              Appointed by Barcelona Convention

2021     Special Governmental Recognition
              for extraordinary scientific results 

2020     Early Career Leadership 
              for research by National Geographic

2019     Man of the Year award
              Balkan regional award by LadiesIn

Emina Karalić, BSN

Lead Technical Specialist

Emina plays a crucial role in supporting the technical aspects of both research and educational programs. With her background in health studies, she offers valuable insights into understanding the broader environmental pressures.

Endora Celohoxhaj, M.Sc.

Research assitant

Endora supports scientific investigations, conducts fieldwork, collects and analyzes data, and contributes to the advancement of knowledge in marine ecosystems. Her background is in MPA management.

Kostandin Xhaho, M.Sc.

Fieldwork coordinator

Kosta is a highly skilled and indispensable team member who plays a crucial role in all aspects of field-related activities, contributing his expertise to ensure successful outcomes. Hobby: freediving, hiking, alpinism, photography.

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Contibution fee for full program
1050 per month
  • Accomodation
  • Full field and lab work
  • Lectures and training
  • Interactive workshops


Very limited number available
0 Monthly
  • ESAIC low-income countries
  • Some exceptional casses
  • Accomodation
  • Lectures and training

Important info

The contribution fee directly supports our research and covers accommodation, transportation between project sites (by land or sea), training and lectures, interactive workshops, field and lab work, and long-lasting scientific support.

Please note that the fee does not cover transportation to Albania, transfer to accommodation, mandatory health and/or travel insurance, meals, or personal expenses.

Limited scholarships are available for low-income countries and in exceptional cases. Upon completion, participants receive an recommendation letter.

Please complete the form by submitting your basic data, along with a short motivation letter and your CV. If you encounter any technical issues, feel free to email us your application instead. 

Rest assured that our senior officers will respond to you promptly.

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