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We are highly motivated, enthusiastic and hard-working team currently based in the eastern Adriatic and northern Ionian seas. Due to our collaborative nature, with more than 50 international partners, impact of our work is far reaching our humble Center. During the past ten years, Sharklab ADRIA had more than 250 interns and volunteers from more than 20 countries. We are delighted to introduce you our current Core team below:

Andrej A. Gajić, Ph.D. res.

CEO Principal research scientist

Specialization: Pathobiology, Ecology

Prof. Suvad Lelo, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist

Specialization: Biosystematics & Taxonomy

Prof. Hajrudin Beširović, Ph.D.

External expert advisor

Specialization: Pathology and Histology

Emina Karalić, BSN

Chief Laboratory Officer

Specialization: Clinicar care

Marija Vučićević, M.Sc.

Research associate

Specialization: Animal Ecology

Martina Peša, DVM

Program officer

Specialization: Internal medicine

mr. ph. Amina Hrnčić

Research associate

Specialization: Pharmacotoxicology

 Dino Begić, MA

Financial Officer

Financial resources, management

Adla Kahrić, M.Sc.

Project manager

Specialization: Molecular biology

Hana Kočan, M.Sc.

Research associate

Specialization: Conservation

Selma Muratović, M.Sc.

Research associate

Specialization: Microbiology

Ljupka, VP, PhD, etc.

Faithful companion

Specialization: Swimming, sometimes gruelling but adorable

She is is in the labs with us, at the field, in the boats, underwater…

Sharklab ADRIA spring 2016

Featured: Sharklab ADRIA was organizer of the IPA ADRIATIC conference “Science Meets Policy for Cleaner Adriatic Sea”

Our Story

Despite growing up in the mountains of a war-torn country, far from the sea, Andrej founded Sharklab while still in the high school in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, back in the summer of 2007. 

Today, we focus on the developing countries within the northern Mediterranean Sea, but have worked in more than 75 countries worldwide. Our team published more than 100 papers and three books.

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Currently we are looking for hard-working persons eager to learn more about sharks and help us securing them a safe future. 

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Our work is recognized on the international level