Sharks, skates and rays of the eastern Adriatic Sea

A thorough examination of Adriatic elasmobranchs presented across 330 pages. Delve into biological characteristics, occurrence patterns, threats, crucial habitats, and the overall challenges elasmobranchs face in the Adriatic Sea.

– Crafted through 18 regional research projects –
– Supported by the government of 3 Adriatic countries – 
– Under the auspices of UNEP MAP – Barcelona Convention – 

Author: Andrej A. Gajić, Ph.D. (Res)

We bring new knowledge

Fetured papers

Over the last decade, our researchers have published over 100 original scientific papers, communications, and conference proceedings; as well as two books focusing on Adriatic elasmobranchs.

Gajić, 2024
Aquatic Conservation

Exploring the elusive deep-sea sevengill shark in the Adriatic Sea: novel records, health and conservation

Gajić et al., 2023
Journal of Fish Biology

The first records of gravid spiny butterfly ray in the northern Mediterranean, with fetuses

Gajić et al., 2022
Journal of Fish Biology

Contemporary records of the rare and critically endangered rough shark from the eastern Adriatic Sea

Gajić, 2022
Croatian Journal of Fisheries

New hope for the critically endangered common angel sharks (Squtina squatina) in the Adriatic Sea

Gajić et al., 2020
Acta Adriatica

Melanomacrophages and diseases in lesser-spotted catshark with importance for monitoring