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For almost 15 years, Sharklab ADRIA has been conducting cutting-edge research on elasmobranchs. Studies range from population ecology, to disease development and neuropathology

Featured video: Prevention, detection and treatment of shark diseases (Istanbul, 2015)

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Scientific Research

Multidisciplinary cutting-edge research is the core of our activities and we are focused on ecology, pathology and toxicology of elasmobranchs.


Understanding the effects of pollution on disease development through histopathology, radiology and tomography

Initiated: 2017

Total Projects: 19


Researching the prenatal development, the roles of mother in viviparous species, and associated pathology

Initiated: 2019

Total Projects: 11

Micro- and nanoplastics

Qualitative and quantitative composition of microplastics in different organ systems (FT-IR, RAMAN)

Initiated: 2016

Total Projects: 4

Immunological response

The application of biomarkers sensitive to environmental pressures such as hepatic melanomacrophages

Initiated: 2019

Total Projects: 4

Neurological disorders

Meningitis, encephalitis and meningoencephalitis and their connection to behavior

Initiated: 2020

Total Projects: 2

Field Expeditions

Our work implies extensive field surveys across the Mediterranean, primarily Adriatic Sea. Extensive fishery surveys include complete monitoring of commercial trawlers and longlines, as well as getting onboard these vessels. Furthermore, we are conducting series of underwater explorations including technical diving and ROV habitat monitoring.

Working with Sharks

Imagine late December night, you are all alone at 30 m deep. It is so dark that you don’t see the tip of your hand, and so cold that you feel tingling on your face… yet, you are patient and waiting for SHARK! In close interactions we have worked with over 30 elasmobranchs species both in the captivity and wildest places. Spending time with these amazing animals empower us to understand them far better.

New call for 2023

Internships &


We are looking for highly motivated and hard-working people with a desire to work and gain significant experience with marine fauna, especially sharks. 

Furthermore, we are looking for master’s students to develop their thesis through our scientific research. 

Save the date!

Acoustic Telemetry


Join Dr. Andre Steckenreuter of Innovasea for a comprehensive workshop to learn more about how acoustic telemetry products and systems can help you understand the behaviour and migration of animals in any aquatic environment. 

RSVP to:  andre.steckenreuter@innovasea.com agajic@sharklab-adria.org

15-16 March 2023 in Vlorë, Albania 

In the Media

Our results and activities attracted media attention around the planet, while our scientists were featured in more than 250 appearances.

Watch some of them below:

New Knowledge & Effective Solutions

Featured Projects

Plastic Sharks

In the era of plastics, our seas are facing extensive pollution, learn how sharks are being affected

Andrej A. Gajić
EC Discovery Channel

Shark Tales

The effects of pollution and habitat loss on elasmobranch health and disease development

Andrej A. Gajić
National Geographic

Prenatal diseases

Learn more about diseases and other threats sharks are facing even before they are born

Andrej A. Gajić
Ministry of Education and Science

Sharks in Albanian seas

Learn more about diversity, key habitats, threats and conservation of elasmobranchs in Albanian seas

Andrej A. Gajić
Rufford Foundation

New hope for Angel sharks

Discovering and protection the most endangered sharks in the world and giving them a secong chance

Andrej A. Gajić
Foundation Ensemble

Since 2017, we had 20 projects across the Adriatic-Ionian region

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Biodiversity and habitats,  Fishery monitoring, Plastics, Disease development, Conservation, and more…



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Our Story

Despite growing up in the mountains of a war-torn country, far from the sea, Andrej founded Sharklab while still in the high school in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, back in the summer of 2007.

Today, we focus on the developing countries within the northern Mediterranean Sea, but have worked in more than 75 countries worldwide. Our team published more than 100 papers and three books.

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