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Driven by childhood dreams of working with sharks, my journey transcends the limitations of my coastal-less post-war upbringing. Today, I am an internationally awarded scientist, author, advisor, visionary filmmaker, diver, skydiver, and entrepreneur. With advanced degrees in pathology, ecology, and conservation from the University of Sarajevo, I lead Sharklab ADRIA, pioneering groundbreaking research. As the head scientist and expert reviewer for National Geographic and Discovery Channel, I’ve led captivating expeditions, inspiring audiences worldwide. With over 70 publications, including two books, and 21 projects as principal investigator, my work has received global recognition. Honored with seven prestigious awards, my scientific achievements have been featured in 300+ media, such as NatGeo, Discovery, Warner Bros., FOX, BBC, Arte, DW, and CN affiliates.

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I am an internationally awarded scientist, senior principal investigator, published author, renowned lecturer, academic advisor, and documentary filmmaker. My research focuses on the post-survival rates and diseases of sharks, skates, and rays, encompassing their broader biology. With more than 70 scientific publications, I have served as Principal Investigator on 21 regional projects. As head scientist, I have led multiple research projects at National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. As a keynote speaker, I have addressed numerous forums across Europe, the United States, and Africa. My impact extends beyond the scientific community, with approximately 300 media outlets actively reporting on the results of my research, including National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, Warner Bros., FOX, CNN, Arte, and many more.

Ph.D. researcher in Veterinary Medicine, Pathology
M.Sc. in Marine Biology and Conservation
B.Eng. (Hons.) in Biology and Ecological Engineering

Honorary Ambassador of the Mediterranean

appointed by Barcelona Convention (PAP/RAC, UNEP)


Special Governmental Recognition for Science

for extraordinary scientific achievements and promotion of science


Man of the Year 
prestigious award

awarded by LadiesIn community for distinguished scientific work 


Discover sharks with me...

I am actively engaged in underwater research, employing a combination of diving, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) surveys, and extensive fishery surveys. With over a decade of hands-on experience, I have ventured into some of the most unexplored locations in the world. While my favorite shark is the rough shark, I have extensive experience with many deep-sea species, including mackerel, requiem sharks, and stingrays, bringing a comprehensive understanding to the complexities of these fascinating marine creatures.

Discover sharks with me!

Out of the water, into the lab

As biology stands as a fundamental pillar of science, my research transcends specific categories. It integrates veterinary medicine, biology, and conservation to comprehensively explore vulnerabilities such as post-capture survival and diseases, aiming to develop effective conservation measures. To achieve this, I employ techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging, pathohistology, and toxicology—pioneering such studies in my region. The importance of this approach is recognized by UNEP MAP Barcelona Convention.

Exploring the rarest

My research has been instrumental in broadening our understanding of the region’s rarest and most endangered species. Species that were once absent from records for decades are now integrated into our scientific knowledge, shedding light on their population dynamics and conservation needs.

Exploring the deepest

Specializing in extensive research, my work delves into the hidden realms of the deep-sea habitats in the Adriatic Sea. Through meticulous exploration, I provide precise insights into species that have long been enigmatic, shedding light on their existence beyond the limited scope of anecdotal reports that were available up today.

Studying diseases

At the heart of my laboratory pursuits is an unwavering commitment to unraveling the intricate impacts of pollution on disease development. Furthermore, I dedicate efforts to comprehensive studies aimed at improving post-release survival rates through magnetic resonance, immunology and pathology.

Captivating talks

I have invited and keynote lectures at prominent summits and conferences worldwide. Renowned for their unique perspectives and engaging delivery, my presentations encompass not only sharks but also a diverse array of ecological topics. I’ve had the honor of speaking at events hosted by renowned organizations such as National Geographic, the United Nations, Save the Children, TED, and beyond across United States, Europe and Africa.

Book a Lecture

Invite Andrej to your event and prepare for a lecture that will captivate, engage, educate, and inspire your audience. With a wealth of expertise and international recognition, Andrej brings a strong passion for marine environments to every discussion. He skillfully brings critical issues to the forefront, combining cutting-edge research with compelling storytelling. Whether it’s for a conference, seminar, or public gathering, Andrej’s presentations are designed to deepen understanding and inspire action in the field of marine biology and conservation.

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Al Hoceima, Morocco
Smart Marin Conservation Forum (UNEP MAP)

Podgorica, Montenegro
Engineering Day, University of Montenegro

Sinj, Croatia
International Tourism Forum 

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo Innovation Summit 

Washington, D.C.
National Geographic Education Summit

Ljubljana, Slovenia
National Geographic Planet vs Plastics

Stepantsminda, Georgia
Conservation Across Caucasus, Rufford Foundation

An internationally recognized scientist

Honors & Awards

Honorary Ambassador of the Mediterranean

appointed by Barcelona Convention (PAP/RAC, UNEP)


Special Governmental Recognition for Science

extraordinary scientific achievements and promotion of science


Man of the Year 
prestigious award

awarded by LadiesIn community for distinguished scientific work 


In the Media

My work and career were featured in more than 250 media appearances. You can easily search for all of them by simply googling my name, while the most important are given below:

Internationally recognized and prominently featured in some of the world’s most renowned and prestigious media outlets


Featured at Sharkfest in 2018 and 2020, as well as in dozens of other engagements

I worked with FOX on filming ‘Explorers Spot’ about me in Malta and a few other features

After merging with Discovery, WB funded my deep-sea research and content creation

For four years, Discovery funded my research on deep-sea sharks and microplastics

As a member of the elite TEC, I led two expeditions in the Mediterranean Sea 

BBC has published a report on giving sharks a second chance, a program in Sharklab Malta

I had dozens of interviews and guest appearances at CNN and its affiliates in Europe

It was a pleasure to be featured in and film several documentaries aired Arte

Featured on Global 3000 due to the regional importance of our research work

other appearances in TV, radio portals, newspapers, and magazines

Featured publications

Sharks, skates and rays of the eastern Adriatic Sea

A thorough examination of Adriatic elasmobranchs presented across 330 pages. Delve into biological characteristics, occurrence patterns, threats, crucial habitats, and the overall challenges elasmobranchs face in the Adriatic Sea.

– Crafted through 18 regional research projects –
– Supported by the government of 3 Adriatic countries – 
– Under the auspices of UNEP MAP – Barcelona Convention – 

Author: Andrej A. Gajić, Ph.D. (Res)

Gajić, 2024
Aquatic Conservation

Exploring the elusive deep-sea sevengill shark in the Adriatic Sea: novel records, health and conservation

Gajić et al., 2023
Journal of Fish Biology

The first records of gravid spiny butterfly ray in the northern Mediterranean, with fetuses

Gajić et al., 2022
Journal of Fish Biology

Contemporary records of the rare and critically endangered rough shark from the eastern Adriatic Sea

Gajić et al., 2023
Marine Biodiversity

An interesting case of a single ocellus in a Brown ray (Raja miraletus) from the southern Adriatic Sea of Albania

Gajić, 2022
Croatian Journal of Fisheries

New hope for the critically endangered common angel sharks (Squtina squatina) in the Adriatic Sea

Gajić et al., 2020
Acta Adriatica

Melanomacrophages and diseases in lesser-spotted catshark with importance for monitoring

Projects & Publications

Check out my recent projects & publications

Over the past seven years, I have served as the Principal Investigator for 21 regional projects funded by Rufford Foundation, National Geographic, Explorers Club, Discovery Channel, Foundation Ensemble, PADI Foundation, IDEA WILD, Federal Ministry of Education and Science, Environmental Protection Fund, and more, while also establishing myself as a dedicated author with over 70 original scientific publications and two books. My latest publication, “Sharks, Skates, and Rays of the Eastern Adriatic Sea,” is published under the auspicies of UNEP MAP and has garnered extensive governmental support from Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. I invite you to reach out to me for a free PDF copy! 

Gajić, A., Karalić, E., Beširović, H., & Sulikowski, J. (2023). The first record of gravid Spiny butterfly ray (Gymnura altavela) in the northern Mediterranean Sea, with description of near-term fetuses. Journal of Fish Biology, 102(6): 1506-1509.”

Gajić, A., Sulikowski, J., & Beširović, H. (2023). An interesting case of a single ocellus in a Brown ray from the Adriatic Sea. Marine Biodiversity, 53(29): 1-2.

Gajić, A., Lelo, S., Joksimović, A., Pešić, A., Tomanić, J., Beširović, H., & Dragičević, B. (2022). Contemporary records of the rare and critically endangered angular rough shark, Oxynotus centrina, from the eastern Adriatic Sea. Journal of Fish Biology, 100(1): 329-334.

Spending my nights in the company of giants

Imagining a late December night, feeling the icy sting on your face, the darkness intensifies as you eagerly await the presence of a shark.

Conducting medical examinations underwater

Sharks, known for their intelligence and playful nature, captivate us with their remarkable cognitive abilities and engaging behaviors.

Elasmobranch rescue, rehabilitation and release

Dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and responsible release of sharks, ensuring their well-being and contributing to the conservation of these magnificent creatures.

Visit also http://www.sharklab-adria.org

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Photos: M. Prelević, E. Karalić, A. Gajić, NatGeo