At the core of our endeavors resides 
pioneering multidisciplinary research.

Giving sharks a second chance they deserve


Species revival & release

Efforts are focused on the revival and release of sharks as part of our conservation initiatives, contributing to the restoration of marine ecosystems.

Technical and SCUBA diving

To gain proper insight, we are integrating technical and SCUBA diving methodologies, as well as simple breath-holding diving, in shark research.

Post-capture examinations

Conducting post-capture examinations to assess the health and long-term survival of captured species, informing conservation actions.

Exploring trauma from fisheries on post-capture survival.


Landing monitoring

Monitoring the landings of sharks, skates, and rays in both commercial and small-scale fisheries, involving systematic data collection.

Trawl monitoring

Conducting comprehensive and systematic monitoring of trawl fisheries with approximately 100 field days annually focusing on elasmobranchs.

Engaging Fishermen

Successfully fostering collaboration with fishermen to actively participate in and support conservation initiatives and promote sustainability.

qualitative and quantitative assessment of micro- and nanoplastics


Sample preparation

Upon the autopsy, the tissue sample undergoes a chemical breakdown to isolate and extract embedded microplastic particles.


Stereomicroscopy plays a crucial role in microplastic research by providing a three-dimensional view of particles and secluding them for spectroscopy.

RAMAN Spectroscopy

Final step is identifying and characterizing microplastics based on their molecular vibrations, by irradiating a sample with laser light.


Using a dynamic approach, we combine immersive diving and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) surveys, and comprehensive fishery monitoring.


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