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Every week, our researchers spent at least five days at the field. Whether we conduct underwater exploration, ROV monitoring or we on-board the fishing vessels - we are at the sea. Our laboratory research carefully follows the filed. Besides the science, we are conducting capacity building and dozens of educational campaigns.

Field Research

Extensive field expeditions

For the past seven months we are actively working in southern Adriatic and northern Ionian Sea. Data obtained through technical research diving, ROV monitoring, sonar recording and fishery surveys are being used to develop 3D seabed maps with key habitats such as breeding and nursery grounds. Furthermore, our crew is boarding commercial fishery vessels to study composition, frequency, and survival rates.


Bluntnose sixgill sharks

At the coldest day in January, Andrej went night diving under the trawler to locate discared sixgill shark.


Extensive fishery surveys

We are conducting surveys in both small-scale and commercial fisheries across the Mediterranean Sea.


Diseases of sand tigers

More than 30% of sand tiger sharks in aquaria exhibit spinal deformities and our team is here to help


Charismatic fauna

Besides sharks, skates and rays we frequently encounter various charismatic marine fauna, check out

Laboratory examinations


Angular rough sharks

We are using axial computed tomography and digital X-ray to understand inner ear morphology


Smooth-hound sharks

For the past five years, Mustelus spp., are in the focus of our studies. Learn more about microplastics here

isurus lab

How healthy are Makos?

Since February, we are studying the health status of Mako sharks in the plausible nursery in the Adriatic Sea


Immunology in deep-sea

We are applying biomarkers for individual immunological response in several deep-sea species.

Neonatal sandbar sharks

The sandbar shark, Carcharhinus plumbeus (Nardo, 1827), is a bottom-dwelling shark inhabiting shallow coastal waters of temperate and tropical seas in the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific oceans. Adults attain a length of 250 and possibly up to 300 cm in total length. Feeds primarily on teleosts and invertebrates including crustaceans and cephalopods. Reproduction is placental viviparous

Awards & Meetings

Special Recognition

At the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science, for the outstanding scientific international contribution in the field of natural science, popularization of science and promotion of Bosnia and Herzegovina domestically and internationally – Andrej has received Special Recognition by the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is the very first of its kind in the history of the country. 


Man of the Year award

For the achievements in science and conservation Andrej received special Man of the Yaer award


National Geographic

During his residence in Washington, D.C., Andrej worked with Robert Ballard known for his discovery of RMS Titanic.


Red List amendments

After meeting with the Minister of Environment Andrej agreed new Red List amendments


Meeting with the President

Andrej was invited by the President of Bosnia and Herzegovina to discuss development of regional research institute 





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