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Marche Polytechnic University, Ancona (Italy)

Federico Clementoni


The aim of this project is to identify new biomarker for the evaluation of the health status of sharks caught in the Adriatic Sea and their susceptibility to environmental changes. To reach this objective, melanomacrophages have been used as stress biomarkers on these organisms, since they are already widely used in teleosts, amphibians and reptiles. In this study, hepatic melanomacrophages have been evaluated in four species of sharks caught in the Adriatic Sea, both from a morphological and quantitative point of view, evaluating differences among species, sexes and, where possible, between these and the reproductive period. In conclusion, it has been assessed if there was any significant correlation between melanomacrophages and age of smooth-hound males.

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Available disciplines: histopathology, immunology, parasitology, toxicology, fisheries, ecology and conservation

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