Our Story

Despite growing up in the mountains of a war-torn country, far from the sea, Andrej founded Sharklab while still in the high school back in 2007. 

Today, we  have worked in more than 75 countries worldwide. Our team published more than 100 papers and three books.

How we are funded?

Private foundations (UK, US)
EU and Local governments  

How we spend funds?

About 45% of the acquired funds are spend on the field work, 35% are spent in the laboratories, 15% are spend on educations and 5% on other costs.

Honors & Awards

Results has been recognized on the international level

2021: Special Governmental Recognition of Excellence

2020: National Geographic EC Leadership Award

2019: Man of the Year awarded
to our CEO, Andrej Gajić

Our researchers won numerous honors and awards during the past ten years, check them here.

Our Team

Lear more about the people who make it happen

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