Our Story

Despite growing up in the mountains of a war-torn country, far from the sea, Andrej founded Sharklab while still in the high school back in 2007. 

Today, we are a recognized research institution delivering essential data for conservation and receiving numerous awards and extensive media coverage.

How we are funded?

We are funded through a combination of competitive international grants and governmental instruments.

How we spend funds?

Of the acquired funds, 55% goes to fieldwork, 25% to laboratories, 15% to education, and 5% to other costs.

Honors & Awards

2022: Honorary award of UNEP MAP Barcelona Convention

2021: Special Governmental Recognition of Excellence

2020: National Geographic EC Leadership Award

2019: Man of the Year awarded
to our CEO, Andrej Gajić

Our Team

Lear more about the people who make it happen

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